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Profile - Work

Het Blauwe Paard Restauratie Atelier undertakes a range of work on objects from rare, aged, unique and valuable to those of purely sentimental value for the purpose of their future preservation.

Our area of work covers:

  • filling of areas - chip-filling
  • cleaning of the object
  • cleaning and consolidation of cracks
  • treatment for flaking glaze
  • removing of old restoration work
  • bonding of a broken object
  • filling broken lines and areas (colour-fill technique)
  • retouching (hand and airbrush technique)
  • regilding (with gold powder or gold leafs)
  • making new sections - arms, hands, flowers and other parts of object that have been lost broken and/or damaged (moulds or hand modelling)
  • mounting tiles
  • making stands for objects
  • treatment for "ill" glass
  • preventive conservation treatments
  • consultation and surveys of object or collection

We are prepared to work "on-site" (e.g. historic houses, castles, museum depot's and archaeological sites).

We are dedicated to work of high standards & ethics and use of modern techniques and materials. Our work matches both the needs of the object's condition as well as the client's requirements. All materials used in the process of conservation and restoration are tested, stable and reversible.

Please click on Portfolio for photos of objects before and after restoration treatment.

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