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Terms & Conditions of Business

The Terms set out below apply to all work done by Het Blauwe Paard Restauratie Atelier.

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Customers are always welcome to visit the studio to discuss potential work. Please call in advance for an appointment or contact the studio by e-mail.

Cost Estimates

Costs estimates are made upon close examination of the object. The complex nature of the work involved means that additional problems may be discovered during treatment. If this indicates a cost increase of more than 10% of the original estimate, we will notify the client and await further instructions before proceeding. The client will be entitled to withdraw the object/s upon payment of the work already done. For the same reason estimates or guidelines can only be given as an indication. We cannot guarantee completion by a given date, as the well being of the object/s must be given primary concern. Please also keep in mind that cost estimates cannot be given over the phone. For larger projects, the client may be charged for the estimate. Estimates are valid for 6 months only.


Full payment is due upon receipt of invoice unless other arrangements have been made in advance. The client has 14 days in which to pay an invoice. Payment is required before or upon collection of the object/s.
If any invoice is not paid within 14 days of the due date, interest will be charged on the unpaid sum at the rate of 2% per month.


Please take notice that due to the nature of the restoration business it is not possible for restorers to get insurance to cover items that are being restored. The client is therefore liable for all damage or loss to object/s while in the studio as well as during its carriage to and from the studio. While every precaution is made, it is advisable for the client to have their object/s insured.

Delivery and Collection

The client is responsible for delivering and collecting their objects to and from the studio.


We will retain the copyright in any report that we prepare and any photographs we take of the object/s.

Professional Memberships

Daniela Stojkovic is a member of the ICON - Insitute of Conservation in the United Kingdom and a member of Dutch Restorers Association - RN. All members signed an ethical code of profession. All members are obliged to deal with the object's best interest in mind.


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