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This figure of a child's head was bonded, all gaps were filled with plaster and finally, hand-retouched with powder pigments and mounted onto the stand.

The missing areas of this glazed earthenware blue and white plate were filled with the "colour-fill" technique. This is a technique where areas are filled with coloured paste, allowed to cure and then hand polished in order to achieve the look of the original decoration and glaze shine.

An example of a 17th century Dutch terracotta figure of a lioness with her cubs where old discoloured restoration was removed to reveal the original colour of the figure. Cracks were consolidated and broken lines and gaps filled. Finally the figure was hand retouched to match the original colour.

The "air-brush" technique is a technique where new fills are retouched using a professional airbrush. Layers of colours are slowly built up in order to get as close a match to the original colour of the glaze as possible. This unique Dutch Delft White 17th C earthenware known as "spit-pot" has been restored using the same technique.


This British made 18th century white stoneware tile is restored using the "colour-fill" technique. The tile is cleaned, bonded, filled and hand polished. Old wooden frame is also restored and finally tile is remounted onto the frame.



This pair of severely damaged 17th century Meissen figures needed extensive restoration work. Old restoration was cleaned of. New arms were made out of plaster using silicone rubber moulds. Retouching of the new parts was done using both "air-brush" and hand-retouching techniques.

This pair of porcelain French Empire style vases is a good example of the technique of regilding. After new stems were made in plaster they were regilded with loose gold leaf.

After having bonded all the broken pieces together, front of this porcelain plate was restored using the "colour fill" technique.

This porcelain box has been bonded, all broken lines and gaps filled using the "colour-fill" technique and finally the box was hand-retouched where necessary. The metal frame was remounted back and the gaps were filled.


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